About Nicole Eats

Photo of MeI eat. When the moment calls for it and when the food is too good to deny, I eat a lot. Most people don’t believe it until they actually see me slowly down an entire plate of food. Their disbelief is understandable. I’m 5’6 and a little over 100lbs. Because of this, there have been occasions where I have literally tried to convince people that I do, in fact, eat. I used to eat any and everything (i.e. pork, beef, chicken, goat, lamb) but a few years ago I decided to pay closer attention to what I put inside of my body. Enter the pescatarian lifestyle.

Nope, it’s not a religion (although my family finds it quite funny to respond with “What? You’re a Presbyterian?” anytime I try to explain why I don’t want a piece of chicken on my plate). It is actually a way to describe what a person eats and, most of all, what a person chooses not to eat. As a pescatarian, for the past three years I have pushed aside “land animals” and now consume fish as my only meat option. Because a fish diet can get expensive pretty fast, I also enjoy vegetarian and vegan dishes.

As a person who enjoys trying new places to eat around Central Florida, my new eating lifestyle can get pretty tricky, especially since the people I spend most of my “eating life” with are full-on meat eaters. Plus, it’s no fun just eating at vegetarian or vegan restaurants all the time. I want to hang amongst the carnivores and go to the cool, new, hip places too!

Since becoming a pescatarian, I have enjoyed eating my way around Central Florida, which is what led to my creation of this blog. I created Nicole Eats to show readers who follow a similar eating lifestyle that there are options for us outside of the regular vegetarian/vegan scene, and most definitely outside of the “salad scene.”  I will, hopefully, also make some meat eaters see that the “green side” can be quite yummy!

My weekly posts, for the most part, will fall within one of the following categories:

I really enjoy talking about food, but writing about food is not my thing. I would rather show you all the great things that I find to eat both around town and the places I travel to. My photo food diary will give you a glimpse into my “eating life” through the snapshots that I’ve taken right before I’ve dug in to eat. I hope you enjoy the pictures, and please feel free to share them.

My video series is an opportunity to take you on a inside peek into the really great places there are to eat in Central Florida! We will go inside vegetarian and vegan restaurants. Plus, I will show you meat-free dishes that are available at other restaurants, too!

There are a lot of really great vegetarian and vegan products out there, and I want to share them with you! In these posts, I will share not only great products, but I will also pass along some great recipes that I’ve found.

If you are a newbie (like me), still on the fence, or even if you are a veteran at this eating thing, I hope you join me on this journey and share some of the experiences you’ve had while following this lifestyle. Feel free to leave a comment or send me an email at nicole@nicole-eats.com. Want your brand covered on Nicole Eats? Please visit my Working with Nicole page for more information.

Happy eating!