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Virginia Distillery Company

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Whisky Tasting at Virginia Distillery Co.

Welcome to season 2 of Nicole Eats and Travels! In this video, I visit Lovingston, Virginia’s VA Distillery Company where I learn what it takes to make their award-winning whisky. The best part, is that I get to taste it!

This season, I am journeying through the DMV where I’ll be spotlighting some of my favorite food finds and great places to have a little fun.

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Eating Out Meat Free

My Whisky Experience at the Virginia Distillery Company

VA Distillery

It might have been the longest three hours I had ever spent in a car. From my early 18-hour fall drives back to college for four years to my random family trips and girls getaways, I’ve spent a lot of time in a car. A lot. Yet, this time seemed to drag on with no end in sight. It had nothing to do with my driving counterpart (my mom). No, my lackluster driving experience probably was a combination of three things: 1. It was me who was doing the driving, 2. I had no idea that when I set out on my journey that Saturday mid-morning that it would be for 3 hours, and 3. I moved to a “big city” so that everything I could possibly be interested in going to would be no more than an hour away. We were headed to Lovingston, a small town in Virginia, for a tour and tasting at the Virginia Distillery Company (VDC), and after only minutes of arriving, I knew that the drive was and would be¬†worthwhile.

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